Treasure Hunter!

Hello my name is Breana and I am the designer behind Vault 31 jewelry creations. During the day I work full time in the emergency services field. Every day at my job is different and I never know what is coming next. I find it relaxing to create a beautiful or unique piece of jewelry after a stressful day at work. I consider it my escape from a long day.

I am obsessed with what I call treasure hunting. I am always on the hunt and off on various adventures to find these treasures I covet to use in my creations. I try to create out of discarded or throw away objects. I scour flea markets, estate sales, second hand shops, nature and everywhere in between to find my treasures. I find pure delight in finding something old and cast away and then revamping it into a totally new creation for someone to love and cherish. I have an entire art studio that I call "The Vault" that is brimming with treasures awaiting new life. 

Although my favorite pieces are made from interesting upcycled and repurposed materials, I also have an interest in metal smithing elements and natural stone, gem and crystal creations. Limiting my designs to only one area could never keep me satisfied!

Now I am passing on some of these treasures to you through unique jewelry I have made using the various bric-a-brac that I have found during my adventures!

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